Anonymous asked: hi! just found about the wonderfulness that is SPEED recently. can you tell me what each members' roles are? and who is the visual?

welcome to the DEEPS fandom! ^^ you can check out the members profile page made by speed-boys, should be a good start.

and regarding who is the visual…. well, the boys are still trying to decide on that although taewoon (leader) is pretty confident it’s him lol

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Anonymous asked: I want thank you so much for the Speed gifs <3 keep being awesome


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namjoonsrapmonster asked: Haii ! Sorry to bother but do you have the link to the video of Show Champion where Sungmin took a while to introduce himself about the groups concept or something ? If not , then it's okay ! :)

sure! you can watch it here!

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junghakyo asked: from what show this gif set when sungmin kiss teha's neck?

from part 2 of ep.4 of deepspeed: here!

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lbravo76 asked: do you know where is the english sub for this

you can watch it w subs here! thanks to speed-boys!

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